Pep Boys Anniversary Car Show

Spent the entire day last Sunday September 14 at the Pep Boy Anniversary Car Show in Pompano Beach.

It was a very good show and a lot of fun. I got to hang out with my friends, get the Cobra on the Dyno Test, and won a trophy for best Street/Race car.

Check out the awesome pics and the video of the Dyno Test below

Here is the results of the Dyno Test

Dyno Test Results

Here is the video

Pep Buys Anniversary Car Show

This is a real amazing award…and a great story! 

The guys at Pep Boys wanted to give me an award, however the 5 categories did not actually include something that the Cobra would fit into. So, they had me start the engine and rev it up, then gave me the Best Sound System award. 

Here is the funny part…the Cobra has no sound system :) The exhaust is my sound system. I actually thought it was pretty cool award. Here is the plaque…


Also, check out my new car show display. 


 Car show display graphics


Best of Show Managers Choice

Another amazing car show today for me and the Cobra.

We won a very nice trophy today…Best of Show Managers Choice at the 25th Anniversary Bru’s Room Car Show.  There were 170 great cars there today so this is definately an honor. This car is finally getting the attention it deserves. I know the guys at Backdraft Racing would be very proud.

Best of Show Managers Choice Bru's Room brusroom_BOS2

Brusroom Cobra Brusroom_trophy


Deerfield Beach Car Show

WOW! This day was one of the funnest that I can rememeber is a very long time.

  1. Car show right on the beach
  2. Ton’s of great people walking around all day
  3. Beautiful photos of the Lambo Green 1965 Shelby Cobra with a professional model.
  4. Nice trophy awarded by Russ G of Russ G Events.

Check out these amazing photos, and see for yourself.

Cobra and Lauren 1 Cobra and Lauren 2

Cobra and Lauren 3 Trophy with Lauren

Packy’s Car Cruise – Boca Raton

Headed on out to Packy’s Monthly Car Cruise in Boca Raton tonight with the Lambo Green 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica and ended up meeting some very nice people and winning anice little trophy.

I even have a professional photographer, pictured here, admire my car all night.

packy's 1

Here is the trohpy

packy's 2

Here is a short video of me driving up to the event and parking

Boca Center Car Show

This was the Lambo Green 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica’s debut car show. Today was an awesome car show at the Boca Town Center…except for the massive storm that cut the show short andforced me to cover the car for few hours before I could drive it home.

Cobra covered

I did have the opportunity to meet Steve Strope of Pure Vision,  so that made the day better.
Here are a few pics of the Cobra and award presented by Steve.

Boca Center Car Show